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Although Mermaid Cecilia did not have the opportunity to go out to sea with Izumi Ishii san to experience dolphins and whales, we thought that it would be good for people to know about this ex-dolphin hunter who has turned his back on a certain ‘tradition’ and instead embraced the future by launching his own ecotourism venture.

Mermaids 4 Cetaceans support Izumi Ishii san in his efforts and hope that one day, many of us will go to Futo to meet him. In the meantime, it seems that there are beautiful things to see in Futo.

Mermaid Cecilia kindly reviewed another place in Indonesia, which although not being about whale or dolphin watching per say is nonetheless interesting to know on a more spiritual level or for going snorkelling in pristine waters. Take a look at Kakaban Island

Dolphin Watching in Japan
Japan is mostly famous for its cruelty to dolphins and whales. The slaughter of dolphins and small whales in Taiji (Wakayama prefecture) and the whaling to the Antarctic have been exposed by the Cove documentary, and the Sea Shepherd in Whale Wars on Animal planet.

So to find a small strong voice that opposes these inappropriate deeds toward our beloved earth from inside Japan, is like finding an oasis in the desert. Though language is the ultimate barrier.

Izumi Ishii was a fisherman in Futo (Ito, Shizuoka prefecture, 2 hours by train from Tokyo) who was touched by the dolphins at heart and turned side to be an anti-dolphins slaughtering person. He does small whales, dolphins, birds and nature sight-seeing or Dolphin Watching in the wild with his boat. He encourages other people to be like him. You can read more about him here

When I was in Japan, I booked for the Dolphin Watching but alas, the weather was not good and my schedule was tight. But I was happy to meet him in person.

Here is my picture with Izumi Ishii san:

Cecilia in japan


This picture was taken in a surprisingly very comfortable, amazingly nice and very clean small hotel in Futo. Hotel Tsukino Hina which serves vegan macrobiotic cuisine (which is absolutely delicious) with onsen facitility (onsen is a natural hot spring water that will pamper you at night before sleep)

The beautiful hotel:


We were pampered with all the delicious dishes by the owner:


Vegan macrobiotic cuisine which contains no animal products.
Organic ingredients like brown rice, locally grown vegetables, beans and seaweed.

Lake Ippeki
Mount Omuro


Hotel Tsukino Hina
Tel: country code + 557-51-5308
Fax: country code + 557-51-5309
You can contact Izumi Ishii to book this hotel

To be in Futo watching small whales, dolphins, nature and staying here would be a wonderful combination.

For other sight-seeing, you can visit Lake Ippeki and Mount Omuro.


Mermaid Cecilia Cynthia
(Zayaxanth from Lemuria)
Loving Healing to Earth


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