three sea birds
At Mermaids 4 Cetaceans we firmly believe that the only way to see whales and dolphins is in their home, the ocean.

Although it does not mean that hordes of boats should be chasing pods of dolphins or whales. Here is a very interesting fact sheet about interacting with wild dolphins

Ecotourism has to be done with the welfare of the animals and the people on the boats in mind. Rules/regulations from each country and international laws have to be followed at all times by the boats and tour operators.

Some of us at Mermaids have been out and about to see our beloved cetaceans in the wild and we thought it would be great to share our thoughts and experiences on ecotourism with other people so they too can enjoy seeing cetaceans in a responsible way.

If you have been whale/dolphin watching or swimming with dolphins/whales in the wild with a tour operator, we would love to hear from you.
Also, if you have been invoved in some form of conservation with marine life, we want to hear from you.

Why not write a review about your experience (good and bad) to be shown on this site? Have a look at some of the reviews to give you an idea about what we are looking for and do not be shy, get in touch with us

Together, let’s make ecotourism a viable and responsible alternative to seeing animals in aquatic prisons.

Nothing beats the emotions of seeing an animal free in their natural environment, an experience of a lifetime!


Ecotourism on different continents: