Junior Mermaids' Club
junior mermaids
Childhood is a time in our life when we discover the world around us, the man made world but also the natural world, with the animals, the plants and the environment.

Our planet is a wonderful and unique ecosystem full of wonder and magic. Children usually can tap into the magical realm of nature with ease and with open minds.

In our day and age, there are so many ways to educate our children about nature, many options to let a child’s imagination run wild whilst educating.

At Mermaids 4 Cetaceans, we believe that real education about the environment, the animals and plant kingdom begins with a heart connection: to learn, to love and to protect.

Children are the future caretakers of our blue planet and as such with them lies hope that they will rectify the mistakes of us, our forefathers and the culmination of many generations.

We have collected some books, videos and colouring sheets that we hope will help children to connect to the ocean and the animals living there. We also have some articles to help children take better care of our planet in the future and to help animals.