Kakaban Island
Kakaban rainbow

Here is some information about Kakaban Island

Kakaban Island is part of the Derawan Islands, located on the East Coast of Borneo (Indonesian area). It is very close to Maratua Island, but a one hour speedboat journey from Derawan Island. When you travel here, you can stay at Maratua Paradise Resort (with Water Villa and Beach Villa) - highly recommended - or stay at the Derawan Resort or some cottages above the water at Derawan. Both islands provide homestays for backpackers.

There are two ways to get there:

  1. Fly from Jakarta to Tarakan (2 hours and 20 minutes) and take a speedboat (2.5 - 3 hours to Derawan Island plus another half an hour to Maratua Island).
  2. Fly from Jakarta to Balikpapan (2 hours) and take another flight with smaller aircraft to Tanjung Redeb at Berau (1 hour). Take a taxi to Tanjung Batu (3 hours). Take a speedboat to Derawan Island (half an hour) or to Maratua Island (1 hour).

Note: There is a travel warning concerning Tawau in Malaysian area. North of this place, due to armed robberies. Please avoid flying from Tawau. You can fly from Jakarta instead. Tarakan and other cities in Indonesian area are much safer. The driver who drove us in Tarakan even said, that there are no thieves in Tarakan. You can park your motorcycle with the key in the street safely, because Tarakan is an island.

The consideration about environment is quite high in the Derawan Islands area. The local people take care of their sea because they know they need to maintain it for tourism. Although some small amount of garbage in the middle of the sea or in a remote beach is unavoidable because of the current carrying them, I never saw anyone littering.

Kakaban with Cecilia

Ever dreamed to swim among sting-less jellyfish like this?

I had been dying to go to this island for years until finally this year 2015 the opportunity came. Yay!

Before telling you of my journey, I would like to talk a bit about a jellyfish Lake. The sea creatures were trapped thousands of years ago and they evolved to be sting-less, because they had no predators any longer. The water in the lake is still quite salty. The land is based on rocks and has many trees. The sand is very soft but you cannot find any large beaches. Nobody lives there. I guess nobody ever goes to the other sides of the island, except the side with a wooden bridge for visitors.

So when you walk across the quite long wooden bridge, you can begin to feel the ancientness of the place, especially when visitors are limited at that time. You may feel that the trees try to talk to you. But you may think it is only the wind.

When you see the open space in the middle of the island, you may forget everything and jump instantly into the water with your snorkelling gear! (Please take a note that fins are now prohibited here. If you use your fins, you may accidentally cause harm to the cute jellyfish).

Kakaban lake

Swim to the middle of the lake and in the direction of the Sun, then you can find much clearer water and more abundant jellyfish around you. Please try to swim or to move calmly to avoid hurting the jellyfish!

the jellyfish of Kakaban

When your apprehension watching the jellyfish and taking selfies with them has decreased, then you may feel that the nature here is so ancient. And you can feel the strong energy deep inside the island. There is an invisible crystalline structure deep below the island. *Cosmic Energy is flowing and can be reached if you are aware of it. Try to meditate a little bit. Or if you astral travel, you may do it from home.

*God is cosmic, not earthly. So cosmic energy is a positive one and much stronger than earthly energy which is polluted by humans. Even Gaia or Mother Nature actually depends on Cosmic Energy to provide Her Existence. Earthly Elementals are much polluted by humans nowadays. Mankind tries to conquer technology but most of it destroys Nature instead of helping it. We are using technology in the wrong direction.

Now back to our vacation. Even if you realise or not, you feel recharged after playing around on this beautiful island. Outside, the sea provides beautiful corals with colourful fishes. World Class snorkelling!

Kakaban turtle

From a cottage above the water at Derawan or from the Water Villa at Maratua Paradise Resort, you can see turtles looking for breakfast seaweed every morning. Around this time, snorkel with them and observe them without disturbing them.

beach view

Maratua Island has very soft sandy beaches. There are villages inside the island including a small clinic. Derawan Island has rough sandy beaches and has more villages but, the cottages and home-stays are cheaper. There should be a clinic here also. Sangalaki Island has Turtle Conservation. No one lives there. Turtles lay their eggs at night mostly at this island compared to Derawan which is more crowded. Sangalaki’s sand is as rough as Derawans. Nabucco Island has an exclusive resort (a very small island near Maratua, although, I have never been there).

For divers there are a lot of diving points around Maratua, Kakaban, Sangalaki and Derawan Islands. You can see mantas and dolphins even from the boat if you are lucky.

Gusung Island

There are some islands that only appear when the tide is low. It is locally named 'Gusung Island'. Do not miss the chance to take some pictures here. It is really beautiful!


Mermaid Cecilia Cyntia
(Zayaxanth from Lemuria)
Loving Healing to Earth