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Mermaids 4 Cetaceans is composed of passionate individuals who are trying to make a difference to help the oceans, the cetaceans and all creatures living there.

Meet a mermaid is a section on our website created to meet the people who are fighting for change within our species and for a better future for our planet.

Meet Oephebia AKA ~O~, founder of Mermaids 4 Cetaceans

French born Oephebia was raised watching 'Le Monde du Silence' (The Silent World) by Jacques Cousteau and from an early age started to show an interest in nature and the sea. As a small child, she was given a resin pendant with a seahorse embedded in it (sadly a real one), and realised that someone probably killed it to make the object. She spent hours looking at the seahorse, forever entombed in a cold block of resin and felt great sadness and shame. She never wore the pendant. This was her first understanding of the threats faced by oceanic creatures.

And as an adolescent she watched 'Flipper the Dolphin' and hated it with all her might, she instinctively knew something was not what it seemed, she felt that Flipper was not happy. Her second understanding of what is now her life passion (to stop the captivity of cetaceans) emerged from this TV series.

Her third understanding came later on during the 80's, when as a young woman, she watched a documentary about tuna and the bycatch of dolphins caught in the fishing nets. Bycatch within the fishing industry is something that is close to her heart as many species are killed indiscriminately. An absolute waste of precious lives.

In more recent times, Oephebia found out about Taiji (Japan) and what happened there. The killing and capturing of wild dolphins, she was horrified and knew that help could be provided to the dolphins without the need to physically go to Japan. As a professional animal communicator and animal healer, she already had considerable experience of working with wild animals including hippos, elephants, bears and monkeys (and lots more). She knew that animal communication could be used to reach dolphins. Knowing that dolphins are intelligent creatures operating on a high frequency, she then sought the help of other like-minded people in order to raise the vibration, high enough to reach the dolphins. Little did she know that from that point on, Mermaids 4 Cetaceans would be born with many people joining her, united by the same love and passion to help the cetaceans and our oceans.

Her favourite motto is "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" - Anatole France.


Meet Lizette AKA Zette, member of Mermaids 4 Cetaceans and our Twitter Goddess

My birth name is Lizette and I'm from Maastricht/Netherlands.
In the pod they usually call me Zette... cause it is shorter or whatever.

I'm the eldest of two and from the day I could walk I have always been fond of animals.
I used to take birds etc. home so my father could try to heal them and set them free again.
We always had a dog at home and the moment I left my parents’ house at 21 years old, one of the first things I did was to find a dog and a cat. Or better they found me! Cats came from the street somewhere and the dogs from a shelter.

Animals are my life and are so much nicer to be with sometimes than humans. Although I do not live near the sea or the ocean, I have always felt some sort of bond and connection with the water and its inhabitants. I like to take walks along the beach especially during stormy weather.

I always have had the feeling that there was and is more between heaven and earth than the things we see or experience, but the people in my life thought I was just a girl with a lot of imagination and found me a little weird if they saw me talking to all animals. Only the animals and I found it natural, there is an understanding between them and I and it feels good.

It is great to meet people who feel the same about animals as me in Mermaids4cetaceans. The pod as we call it is filled with like-minded people who share their love of the ocean, the environment, dolphins, whales etc. and do spiritual work and activism. It is very nice to be in a pod like mermaids :)

I am also a dedicated grass-root activist for the dolphins whom are held captive in dolphinaria and aquariums all over the world but especially in my own country and I am doing and trying everything possible to end this kind of cruelty. The way I do that is to inform and educate humans about the cruelty behind captivity by handing out flyers every week in front of the dolphinarium in Harderwijk.

I'm a very positive mermaid who can always see the sunshine of things even in the darkest moments in my life.

The quote: Wat voor de rups het einde is, is voor de vlinder het begin. (What the end is to the caterpillar, is the beginning for the butterfly) fits me perfectly.



Meet Victoria AKA Vic, member of Mermaids 4 Cetaceans, flower essences specialist

My name is Victoria, sometimes shortened to Vic in the mermaid pod.

I have always been a gentle compassionate person, even as a child - being drawn to animals more than people all through my life. Animals were always drawn to me and we connected always on an equal level. I grew up with dogs and being around horses although I only got my own when I was earning and could afford it. My present horse has been with me now since 1992 and we have the most amazing bond and I have learnt so much from her. My three rescued dogs are wonderful and teach me so much, too.

I follow my heart, which led me to work as an animal healer using healing and self-selection essential oils - giving animals the choice and allowing them to be listened to, as I think that is so important. I also use flower essences for humans and animals in my work. I am honoured to be able to give back to the animal kingdom, people (yes, you do deserve it too!) and ultimately the planet if we can find more balance within ourselves and who we share our lives with. 

I am really honoured to be a member of the Mermaids4Cetaceans pod. I do not live near the sea but was drawn to give my heart to this cause and to the dolphins and whales and it is wonderful to be able to use my animal communicating, visualizing with love, and healing skills to make a difference to these important beings and to the ocean and the planet. I know the love I feel in my heart can help to change the world - and imagine if we would all do this...

My motto: Love is the bridge between you and everything ~ Rumi