Mother Ocean's Gift To Us
By Mermaid Tracey
a shell on a beach

We all really love a family outing to our favourite beach. We just know we will have such a wonderful time!

Once we are there and our beach brollies are up, it's time to enjoy every moment we've got. It feels so good to breathe the fresh sea air, for our skin to be kissed by the warm shining sun, to run on soft sand to the cool water's edge and shout with delight as we splish-splash in.

mr crab

What a thrill to give chase to the retreating waves and to gallop backwards when they charge back again. The rushing waves always win, for no matter how fast we may go, in the blink of an eye the frothy foam streams in to lap at our toes!

As the waves slide back from the shiny wet sand, we see lots of strange air bubbles which fizz and then pop, as cute tiny ghost crabs in hiding creep out.

They scuttle along sideways as quick as can be, it's a fun race to watch between them and the sea.

rock pool

How exciting it is to find tidal pools to explore, with our goggles we can peer into the depths of a wondrous, mysterious watery world. Just below the surface, mini cities are found, with rocky turrets dotted with lacy coral, tight clinging barnacles and a sprinkling of shells.

sea anemones

Green bobbles of Neptune's necklace, sea sponge and frilly lettuce carpet the sandy floor, a pretty shelter for purple sea urchins, turban snails, molluscs and more! Swaying sea grass and shivering flowery anemone all move in dance as busy little fishes hover, bob and dart.

star fish

As shy little crustaceans play hide and seek, tight lipped oysters and velvety sea stars dream in their sleep. In this tiny world there is so much going on, it's a mirror reflection of some of the wonders we can find in the fathomless depths of our beautiful ocean.

What a joyful experience to feel our hearts expand wide, after scanning the horizon where the sea meets the sky; we are blessed with a gift no money can buy!

graceful dolphins

There in the distance, gliding with such incredible grace, a family of sea faring wild dolphins surf through the water, leaving wispy white tipped waves in their wake. How awe inspiring it is to see such an artful display of incredible aquatic antics as they frolic and carve through the waves! As they playfully dance in the rippling sun dappled sea, we feel the love that they have for us bringing such beautiful peace.

As they pass into the distance, and we wave goodbye, it's as if they can feel us watching as one leaps high into the sky! What fantastic acrobatics, with such joy to be alive, there is something super special about dolphins that just makes our hearts smile.

breeching humpback whale

When we think of all the wonders lurking beneath the surface of the deep mysterious sea, a gentle giant swims to mind, a mammal with the kindest eyes and barnacle mottled skin.

Whales hold us mesmerized, with their eerie hypnotic song; singing ancient lullaby's that weave serene and tranquil dreams through the ocean where they belong. Through the inky depths they gently fly on huge flipper wings, despite their mammoth size they weightlessly rise, spiralling up through a circle of bubbles.

From the silvery mirrored surface, they burst forth to greet the twinkling stars with a twist and a twirl and a bow to the moon, they crash and slap back down to kiss the sea with a resounding echoing splash! Such mystical majestic mammals, these nomadic singers of the sea, as Mother Ocean's wisdom keepers, they teach us to remember who we really are; shining, loving beings.

love on the beach

How delightful Mother Ocean is, when we look at her through loving eyes and see the treasures that she hides beneath her watery depths. Her gifts to us are numerous, her waters nuture us and give us life; her tranquil beaches fill with such bliss. The awesome creatures that we meet melt our hearts and bring such happiness.

Before we leave her warm and sunny shores we can leave a gift, a thank you for the fun time we had from our hearts to hers. We can clean her beach and leave it neat so it sparkles and shines.

A message written by your own hand in the wet and glistening sand saying "Water i love you" will travel to her ears on roaring waves and she will be so thrilled.

If you wish to hear Mother Ocean's voice with a message just for you, hold a big swirly shell close to your ear; you will hear the whispering waves singing "Thank you my child, you know I love you too".

treasure chest

Our Gift To Mother Ocean
Becoming a guardian of the sea

Everyone loves getting gifts. Sometimes not all gifts are wrapped and hidden in shiny paper, but are in plain sight for everyone to see.

The beach and the ocean is a wonderful, beautiful loving gift given freely to us by Mother Ocean to cherish and enjoy. When we get gifts it is polite to say thank you and do something nice in return.

footprints in the sand

We can give Mother Ocean a wonderful gift to say thank you for the fun time we had playing in her sand, swimming in her sea and meeting some of her amazing creatures. We can make sure that when we leave her beach to go home, all that we leave behind is only our footprints in the sand.

Do not be a litterbug!
Have you ever arrived at the beach and seen lots of litter? If you have it is not a very nice sight! All that mess left behind by people who had a fun time at the beach.

What an inappropriate way to say thank you to our ocean! Litter is not something we would like to get as a present. Yuk! Imagine that!

Well Mother Ocean would not like that very much as a present either, so let's do our best to say thank you to her properly and keep her beaches, waters and creatures happy and healthy.

Would you like to eat litter?
No! Litter is also not something we would like to eat!

Plastic bottles, chip packets, soda tins and sweet wrappers do not taste good! If we ate those things we would get a terrible tummy ache and feel really, really ill.

While we know those things are not good to eat, the birds and the animals do not.

Sometimes they might think a piece of rubbish is a treat for them to nibble on or a toy we have left behind for them to play with, and end up getting ill or even hurt.

None of us would want that, would we?

turtle with plastic
Did you know?
A plastic bag looks like a jellyfish when it’s in the water; jellyfish are a sea turtles favourite treat!

Tiny bits of plastic and pellets called micro beads look like fish eggs to sea birds who feed them to their baby chicks. Sea creatures and birds can get tangled up in rope, wire, fishing line and nets.

So many animals get their heads or beaks stuck in plastic six pack holders and bottle rings.

Even the sea's underwater plants suffer; marine litter can block the light they need to thrive. Litter releases poisons and chemicals into the ocean, which make Mother Ocean's creatures and plants ill.

clean the beaches
So how can we help?
We can start by making a few small changes.

How do we do that?
It's easy. Our first step starts right at home by practising the three R's: Recycle, Reuse, Renew Ask Mum and Dad to help you at home to take better care of the beach and the beautiful creatures in the ocean.


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