Our Mission
shell above water
Mermaids 4 Cetaceans is a group of passionate spiritual marine activists.

We believe in the power of love and compassion in order to protect the ocean and its creatures. We raise awareness of the plight of cetaceans (captivity and hunting in Taiji (Japan), Faroe Islands and Peru) by education, media and grassroot activities.

We passionately believe that through education and positive campaigning, many issues such as littering, balloons, microbeads etc will be addressed by people themselves.

We hope people can find their heart connection and understand how we are all interlinked as a species and also, how we are part of the world ecosystem. We hope they can simply tune in to their emotions and show love that is within all human beings. It is a switch that needs to be turned on. Humans tend to protect what they love. Many people love the oceans so we hope that they can truly show their love by protecting them.

Children as the future keepers of our planet are the key for positive change. Education about the plight of the dolphins/whales on issues such as captivity, hunting or the threat to our oceans because of human activities is something we believe will benefit the planet in the future. Children have a natural heart connection with animals and the environment, they see the magic of nature when, for most people, that magic has gone. At Mermaids 4 Cetaceans we believe that children will change the direction in which we are going by loving and protecting the oceans, the creatures and ultimately, our own future.

The ocean is the bringer of life, if it dies, everything dies. Let us invest in our future by simply showing love, compassion and protection to all.