Song Of The Deep
mermaid song
Artwork courtesy of Esther Puche

Our planet and our oceans are in grave danger because of us. Human activity and an ever growing population has begun to fracture the delicate balance of nature.

Song of the deep is the section of our website dedicated to the plight of the oceans. The sirens’ chorus was supposed to lure fishermen to their death.

We hope that our mermaids’ songs from within our pod will carry far and wide to reach out to people, for us all to know about the dangers lurking in the abyss, of our irresponsible, over consumerism which consequently threatens the very roots of life on earth: the oceans.

We share articles written by people who have a passion for our oceans.

We welcome guest writers and if you would like to contribute to the issues facing animals and the whole oceanic ecosystem, we would be happy to hear from you. Do get in touch.


Here are articles written by members of our pod: