Spiritual Activism
candles on sand
When spirituality is channelled and directed into activism.

In other words, when you spread your beliefs of love and compassion for all creatures and beings on mother Earth by educating and raising awareness about the plight of our beautiful and fragile planet.

To be the voice of the voiceless in a peaceful manner, in line with your heart and soul, is the core of spiritual activism (or sacred activism, another word for it).

We are all powerful in our own right, and if we apply the power from within to spread love and raise the vibration of our planet, our reality will start to shift towards a greater understanding of the world around us and a resolution of the intense suffering that our planet experiences due to the reckless activity of mankind.

History is full of spiritual activists, and have often been denounced and derided as heretics, witches, sorcerers and Satanists. And in more recent times, tree huggers, hippies or bunny lovers, as people did not and still do not understand the wisdom and the views of the few and far between sacred souls who have been and are awakened.

All lives (humans and non-humans) and our planet are sacred. A simple concept that is still met with contempt and derision all over our modern world.

Regardless of labels, spiritual activism is a very powerful way to lead one’s life in service of others (humans and/or animals, environment, plant kingdom and the list is not exhaustive) with love as a weapon and with one’s ego firmly muzzled.

Here is a video explaining the concept further.

Here is how you can do a peaceful but extremely powerful form of spiritual activism, by honouring the divine within yourself and by doing visualisations to help the dolphins and whales, but also to help the oceans as a whole.