eye of the mermaid

At Mermaids 4 Cetaceans, we cherish the sea and regard all of its inhabitants as conscious sentient beings.

As a group of light workers, animal lovers and environmentalists, we often work collectively through the power of visualisation to help our oceans.

One of the issues we focus on which is very close to our hearts, is the global hunting of cetaceans (in Taiji, Faroe Islands and Peru).

Thoughts good or bad create energies and these energies are released into the ether, where they manifest and affect the physical plane.

If enough people project the same thoughts at the same time over and over again, it will start to create an energy pool which could change the outcome of a situation.

It has been documented by scientists that the power of visualisation can indeed change an outcome, and even heal some dis-ease within the body.

Doing a visualisation is something that can be done by anyone (no special powers required), it is free to do and there is no right or wrong way of doing it. It can be done any time, over and over, until a desired outcome is reached.

Visualisation is a way to retrieve our sense of power when faced with a situation which seems hopeless, when it feels nothing more can be done physically to change the outcome of a situation. It is our ‘weapon’ of choice when working against the hunt in Taiji and the grind in the Faroe Islands, no need for a passport, no need to travel, our minds are the conductors to reach out to the cetaceans.

Visualisation helps on an etheric level through positive intent.

healing dolphins

Because we are all interconnected, not only within the human species but, also with animals and the planet, our telepathic messages will be picked up by the cetaceans we are trying to help.

Focused thoughts can affect the very fabric of reality.

To do a visualisation, you do not need to be an expert, you just need to practice, as practice will make it easier. It is like a muscle, the more your work to develop it, the stronger a muscle will be. Visualisation is the same, the more you do it and the more it becomes second nature.

No need either for complicated ritual, it can be as simple or elaborate as you desire.

You can surround yourself with crystals, candles, incense and soft music in the background or you can have nothing. Follow your own counsel.

sea visualisation

In order to do a visualisation, perhaps best is to sit quietly where you will not be disturbed. If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, a meditation by the ocean is extremely powerful.

Now you are ready to start some very simple techniques to prepare for visualisation.

Each time you start a visualisation, simply follow these simple rules
It may sound obvious, but to undertake a visualisation, the best is to sit quietly where you will not be disturbed (mobile and phone off or at least placed in another room away from the area where you will meditate).

When you are feeling comfortable, close your eyes and start to take a deep breath in through the nose and whilst exhaling slowly through the mouth, release the tensions of the day or the week.

When you breathe in, imagine a swirl of white light entering your nose and going everywhere in your body, taking away all tension. When you exhale slowly, imagine all the tension leaving your body with your breath. Repeat this five times.

Direct your awareness towards your limbs and the rest of your body. Starting with your feet (notice any tingling or tension) then to your calves, your knees, your thighs, your hips, your stomach and your chest.

Focus your awareness on your spine, working upwards vertebra by vertebra, to the top of your neck. Then move across to your arms, down to your hands and then to your fingers.

Return to the base of your neck, then to the back of your head, finishing at your forehead.

Now release the muscles around your eyes, cheeks and jaws, relax your tongue (let your tongue drop in your mouth).

Become aware of what feels tense and what feels relaxed in your body. Acknowledge that both simply exist within the same space.

(This simple technique should take you around one minute to do. Do not spend too much time on it, just quickly scan your body and become aware of your aches and pains without emotions).

Always when doing a visualisation, put some protection around you to ground you, in order for your body to be firmly anchored to earth whilst your mind is working in higher spheres.

protective bubble

Just imagine a circle of blue light (or any colour you like) around you and imagine this light being bright and powerful.

Imagine that roots are extending from your feet and are flowing down to the ground. Visualise the roots spreading and taking hold, feel your body strong becoming solid and anchored to the earth, feel the energies going through your body.
Feel alive!

Now you are ready to visualise.


Visualise an apple, observe it, notice its colour, its consistency, it is big? Is it small? Try to visualise as much detail as possible. Imagine how it might feel to eat this apple? Imagine the taste in your mouth, the crunchy sound of the apple when you take a bite. How does it feel? Spend a few minutes visualising the apple, perhaps a bumblebee appears in your visualisation, maybe you see a basket of different types of apples. Do not go against what your mind wants to show you, let it take the lead, relax and just enjoy.

When you feel ready, redirect your intention onto your body and imagine more roots growing down from your feet and deep into the earth. Feel that your body is energised and that you are grounded. Then wiggle your feet, shake your arms and body and in your own time open your eyes.

Drink a little water to re-energise yourself (water is also healing).

Spend five minutes to sit quietly, reflecting on your visualisation, before resuming the activities of your day.

This is visualisation, simple, effective and powerful. As you start to experiment more with visualisation, you may want to keep a journal to record some of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

mermaid visualisation
Listen on Soundcloud

We have produced an audio MP3 visualisation (free to download and use), to help dolphins in Taiji, Faroe Islands and Peru.

Just sit, relax and let your spirit soar free to help the beloved cetaceans.

Every calendar full Moon, a visualisation is posted on our FB page with the intention of what we will focus on.

Join us, the more people who contribute, visualise and project the same thoughts at the same time, then the more the dolphins will hear our messages. They are highly intelligent and spiritual beings, they will connect with our energies eventually.